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I brought up this issue with Voidstar rewards with Rob Hinkle (Senior PvP Designer), and he let me know that the rewards in Voidstar are intended to be generated based on the performance of the team as compared to the enemy team. Holding out for as long as possible on defense and progressing forward on offense increases your performance score, and allowing the enemy to hold out or progress decreases your performance score. At the moment, there are some situations where those numbers are ignored when calculating rewards that may lead to a situation like you mentioned. This is a bug and we're working on a fix for deployment soon!
Allison, please have Rob re-think the new fix for ties in Voidstar as well; as I don't think the "highest kills" is appropriate at all to determine a winner. (Your post on this here).

The fact is, it is entirely possible for BOTH team to have the same amount of kills (while that may be a rare occurence, it's still statistically possible), so what happens then? The fix needs to be something related to objectives, not a TDM form of addressing the winner. I sent you a PM about it, never responded, nor did you address the question I raised in that thread either.

Edit: Pretty sure most would agree, the easiest way to fix this would just allow a draw to be considered a draw. No gain/loss of rating for either team, award comms as designed and move on to the next game.