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Ranked warzones Contributed to the death of PVP. People got smashed out and couldnt take it. Warzones in its entirety Also killed PVP. The same old repetative matchs holding with same few people gets old real fast. This game needs multiple open world locations for 20+ vs 20+ to be viable again.. The reward system has to be taken out of a queue and put into a pvp adventure. Setting out into the Universe to fight in this Galactic ware Empire vs Republic.. Reclaiming planets for your faction holding them for rewards or defending them for rewards or capturing them for rewards.. Either Valor that decays over time that has abilities attached. Or Pvp quests that give commendations towards rewards. Allow high end gear to be craftable.. put expertise on PVP Items that cannot be crafted such as Relics , Ear piece , Implants , Offhands. Between 200-210 expertise each piece roughly 1200+ when fully acquired. Can also add Set bonus to these items as well. And if so chosen make PVE versions of these items for PVE'rs.. This allows to not have to grind 18 million diffrent armor sets to do either pvp or pve. Just the " Jewelry" stuff.
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