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blizzard is takeing there pvp in the right direction and removeig resiliance from gear and makeing it a baseline stat on the char that everyone has.

i sugest that be done here it would help solve some of the problem of new folks getting into pvp.

if everyone has the same amount of expertiese then there would't be as huge a gap.

of course this would also mean the weekend warriors would be able to pvp in there raid gear which might be a problem considering the raid gear is much better.

but this could be easly fixed by flaging gear as pvp and pve and only allowing stats from pvp gear to work in wz if they can do it for medpacks and such should't be hard to do it for gear.

Before u quote emperor blizz u should look into what they are ALSO adding into the mix which is going to make people rage even more and ask resilience to be brought back.

Blizz is also introducing "PVP POWER" which if you played beta and prolly don't, u would know PVP Power increase the damage you deal with all attacks. If you stack PVP Power that lovely icelance thats wrecking your fat whore mouth now for 20-30k will now hit you for 60-70k+. -This isexactly why i unsubbed from WoW, after seeing the stupid numbers my frost mage was spewing. That along with 2 CD resets, 3 damage mitigation, and just plain stupid ****, i determined Its not worth my time if i wont have a challenge on my mage anymore.

Give it a week.

This is why they keep nerfing all classes damage with every panda spell update they release.

As i recall bloody murder was screamed in this game when BW announced everyone was getting nerfed.