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I mean, seriously... Snipers are really weak currently compared to other classes, I ve been playing my sniper for 2 years now so i am very expirienced, it realyl needs to be boosted and heres why

We cant kill anyone with half a braincell because they take advantage of objects, they can interrupt our skills simply by hiding behind something while leaving dots on us or they can just escape if they were far enough and we cant really move throught he entire enemy line to get him...

Cover has the huge disadvantage of not letting us move, so anyone can just try to run away from oru range and its over, if we move we lose our cover advantages and die relaly easy, and nto to say we lose our entrench abillity..

I propose that all sniper skills should go through objects but just do 66% of their total damage
From my point of view( i have wh gunslinger and BM sniper), sniper and gs are most balanced class in the game.
they are totally good.
problem is you need to push moar then 3 buttons, roll PT.