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1. is a no
2. is likely a no.
I don't mind bags as long as its an addition. Anything that makes the gear grind longer for WH is a joke. I'd play ranked if I could get in one. The problem is my guild doesn't have players willing to que ranked and I need the ability to solo que it as there is almost never a pug group forming.

You need group finder with some depth to the ranked warzone captain. The group must be able to que regular warzones while the ranked warzone team is building.

Fix resolve and you'll have a better pvp experience.
You're missing the vision for solo queue. By seperating people vs. their wins/losses it will create a natural spread of good players vs. bad players. The team queue would be purely for server ranking with natural decay in ranking if they don't continue to play. The new system would be as follows:

1) Regular warzones, allow for 1-4 person team queueing, allows for specific wz's queues (list like in groupfinder to deselect ones you don't want to queue for) Basically it serves as a stomping ground and gear grind place.

2) Ranked solo queues would remain purely solo queue so it seperates the good players from the bad players. Play enough games and you won't be stuck with noobs anymore, OR you'll always play with noobs because you're a terrible player.

3) Server Ranked. Which puts in a number format who the #1 guild is on the server #2 etc. which decays if you don't participate weekly in matches. Maybe make like 10 required matches per week in order to retain your position on the server ladder. This of course would be the 8-man only queues and there could be guild incentives for being #1 or have some weird cosmetic legacy thing. This of course would reset each season. Perhaps mounts are given out each season to the top 5 guilds. Something like that so there would still be incentive to do this type. But for the most part, ranked warzones is purely just to seperate vets from nubs and give the RWZ com rewards, where's the regular warzones just act as they do now with the added of deselecting wz's you don't want to queue for.