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Here's the deal... Ranked warzones wins do not give you any advantage over regular warzone wins except speed up your grind for gear with the same stats. Ranked warzones only provide a rank and a cosmetic upgrade. "Regular" warzones are for the solo que people (me included). So in this game you can solo progress to the same "level" as a ranked wz player. The ranked wz player only has cosmetic upgrades and bragging rights over you. But not having a ranked team or not being able to get in a ranked pug does not prevent you from getting the best pvp stats. In other games the "competitive" mode always provided the best gear and the non-competitive modes gave you a level or two behind. Perpetuating the "haves and have-nots" keeping new players from ever closing the gear gap. This system is best imo... you can always eventually catch up to the best players gear wise if you put in the time... then the only thing that sets them apart is their skill wich is how it should be.
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