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I'm creating this as a discussion of the topics below, as well as thoughts and ideas the rest of the community has. Just take the time to consider the impact it would have.

1) Change ranked warzones from 8-person queue to solo only queue. This will solve a number of issues that currently plague our PvP.

A) By allowing this, this will tier everyone naturally to their skill in the game as well as gear progression. Only geared and skilled people will get higher ranking. The more higher ranking people on your team, the better everyone does.

B) By grouping people in ranked warzones according to their rating, this will put more noobs vs. noobs and more geared vs. geared. The more people queue, the closer to their natural rating it will become, and the more enjoyable experience by everyone.

C) Because this is a solo-only queue, there are lower chances of a coordinated team being together. Thus giving a random unpredictable aspect to the game. By overcoming adversity do people truly have fun, and what better way than creating a natural randomness on group make-up instead of the now randomness of amount of noobs on team.

D) By having solo only queue, it will generate more interest in ranked warzones, and will be easier for everyone to gear up their characters to participate in server-ranking system of warzones (what current ranked warzones are now) Right now on my server there is 1 guild that absolutely dominates and has the perfect group make up and has been playing with each other in RWZ's since release.

What happens is they'll queue up and then everyone will stop queueing because they hate facing them, and thus either keep tanking your rating for sake of comms, or what usually happens stop queueing ranked, thus clearing the queue of ranked warzones. In solo queue, the only way to level up in that is by embracing the different nature of it and how well you can work with anyone other than guildmates only.

For all the people that were whining and complaining about this system, you guys had it right all along. This by far is way better than what you currently have. In 1.1.5 you started down the right path by having a way to trade up for BM comms.

Instead of scrapping it for the current system what should've happened was just a way to upgrade comms to the desireable ones. Such as 100 champ comms = 1 BM comm 3 BM comms = 1 WH Comm. By having the same currency for gear and consumeables just increases the amount of time to gear up. I don't know why you caved in to the fanbois. But I think you should embrace your roots and go back to the bag system, except with a system in place to where you can still obtain upgrade via warzone comms.

Getting a comm in a bag was an AWESOME bonus, but wasn't required (in the golden patch that was 1.1.5). If you went back to this system all the tards that now are gearing up alts would discover how much easier this was to gear up with. (Not to mention it gave PvP'ers enough credits to actually mod their gear)

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1. is a no
2. is likely a no.
I don't mind bags as long as its an addition. Anything that makes the gear grind longer for WH is a joke. I'd play ranked if I could get in one. The problem is my guild doesn't have players willing to que ranked and I need the ability to solo que it as there is almost never a pug group forming.

You need group finder with some depth to the ranked warzone captain. The group must be able to que regular warzones while the ranked warzone team is building.

Fix resolve and you'll have a better pvp experience.
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