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Preferably a sith assassin or an operative for the melee for this strat works best, the ranged dps doesnt matter whether its a sorc or a sniper. Sith assassins can cast force shroud which allows you to fight in the actual arcs on adds as well as evasion for snipers. The strat consists of well geared players all 4, your healer, melee dps, and rdps stay together the entire fight. They work clockwise around the room while the tank holds aggro on the boss and kites him corner to corner in the middle of the room in the grey square. The melee dps takes care off all the adds the entire fight, the ranged dps focuses on burning the boss the entire time, the tank focuses on interrupting incinerate, and the healer mainly focuses on the tank but time to time the healer will have to heal the dps due to LR-5s plasma arcs. The melee dps should stun and activate force shroud or evasion as much as possible due to the floor being on fire and the damage from plasma arcs and adds. When the boss is down to 15 percent to 10 percent the melee dps then needs to run in the middle and burn the boss as fast as possible, the melee dps has a kill move when the boss is below 30 percent that generally crits high and does usually no less then 3.5 k worth of damage. This is known as the APEX strat for Lost Island-LR-5 boss battle.
Well, if you have "geared" players, you really don't even need the melee dps to dps at all. You can employ the ranged strat and have the melee jump in the middle and attack in between the plasma arcs.