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That's not possible. JTL was developed for another engine that has nothing to do with Hero enghine, JTL code is completely useless. Besides, the only thing that can work is build the space up from scratch, but that means heavily tweak the engine to handle a JTL-like space expansion.. I don't think that will happen beacuse it means put tons of money again in the game and at this point EA is trying to cut loses. They won't invest more than what is abosolutely necessary to keep the game running and set up the F2P store.

So the only possible path to make space more starswarsy is keep the same space instances/missions but without rails with some limited PVP if they see it feasible.

People have said SWG and JTL used seperate engines, I dunno how true that is.

However the newest versions of the Hero Engine do support "space"....... and frankly upgrading the whole game to that might solve a lot of other problems too.

If all they do is mildly take space off the rails then it's never going to be what most people want.
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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