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08.13.2012 , 05:19 AM | #23
I play a sniper and i love that class, it is fun to kill players from big distance.
From my point of view snipers are in good spot right now, not op as PT and Vanguards but very viable.

May be author is playing lethality which is crap spec for pvp, but MM and Engineering look awesome.

MM is more cannon playstyle. You dish big numbers from long 35m range with no energy issues. Survivability is pretty fine for ranged class.

Engineering is a king for warzones. Survivability is awesome , you can tank and self heal as a ranged class, plenty of control and hight burst. The only disadvantage of eng is energy issues in long fights.

As eng snipers i have upper hand over majority of classes in 1v1 situations. Against melee you can pop entrench, shield and two aoe on self, start self healing and watch then dying trying killing you. Any ranged have low damage on you due to your cover and mitigation but your ranged damage is like scorpion bite. I saw many PT and Vanguards tryed kill me thinking i am an easy prey but they were burn fast.