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12.13.2011 , 12:51 PM | #1
So a friend of mine and I just got into the Early Access and he started leveling up armormech, he is a Jedi Knight (Guardian to specify), and figured that armormech would be a nice addition to his tanking oriented playstyle making armor (Such as say.. blacksmithing in other MMOs)

However, as of now he is only capable of making Trooper related armor (Nice for me and all, but not really the point) and was wondering if it was useful at all. So I had a look, and one wiki specifies Armormech is for "Non-force" users however the actual holonet ( isn't very specific about this and in fact Synthweaving specifically says "Lighter armor".

So to get to the question; is Armormech useless for Jedi Knights and should they instead use Synthweaving for good (tanking) armor?