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Here's what we have all of our new level 50's do in our guild.......

Get the 2 new quests at the fleet... one takes you to Belsavis, the other to Ilum. These are fairly small quest chains that open up more daily quests than you have without them.

Start said daily quests, I usually recommend starting on Belsavis. TRY to get into groups for the heroics. The heroics reward Purple Armorings, Mods, and Enhancements. Save up the daily comms, use them for Rakata Earpieces and/or Implants, OR a Campaign Relic. Use spare comms for armorings. mods, and enhancements.

Do Black Hole dailies also. You get Daily comms, plus Black Hole comms.

As for Flashpoints:
If you haven't seen Lost Island or Kaon Under Siege in normal mode, both are worth seeing in normal mode first. Avoid groups for Lost Island at all costs, as it's tier 2, and 85% of the people who queue in to that place have no clue, it IS hard for the undergeared. Focus on Tier 1 FP's........

Go to any Tier 1 Hard Mode, they're all about the same with the exception of the 2 mentioned above..... Kaon isn't hard, it is Tier 1, but still worth a blow-through in normal mode.....

You'll get Purple non-tier gear, which are good upgrades, and the end boss drops a Columi piece.....You can use a website to list what piece drops off which bosses......I use

That's about it... well, not really, but should give you a good kick in the azz.....
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