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That should be on BioWare's memo letterhead tbh.

Unless they're trying to buy SWG's space engine, including crafting, from SOE it's still going to suck. As I predicted over a year ago, space content in this game is rail shooting arcade game crap. Someone called it "Starfox 2" the other day, and that pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Pollish a terd all you want, at the end of the day it's still just a shiny terd.

PS- BW should ask SOE to sell SWG:JTL to them, Sony'd probably sell after seeing how their company's been doing lately.
That's not possible. JTL was developed for another engine that has nothing to do with Hero enghine, JTL code is completely useless. Besides, the only thing that can work is build the space up from scratch, but that means heavily tweak the engine to handle a JTL-like space expansion.. I don't think that will happen beacuse it means put tons of money again in the game and at this point EA is trying to cut loses. They won't invest more than what is abosolutely necessary to keep the game running and set up the F2P store.

So the only possible path to make space more starswarsy is keep the same space instances/missions but without rails with some limited PVP if they see it feasible.
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