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There is nothing to put on hold, space is working as intended.

Never have I read they were creating an enitre revamp to space. (only in player posts)

Illium is a bust, Open world pvp is non existent, still cant sit in chairs, there are no chat bubbles, no hide companion helmet options, We just got a LFG button, no paid character tranfers yet, heck it took months to implement the free transfers.

It is silly to think they have resources on some "super secret space project", if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck its a duck. We already have space, sorry if you dont like it but its what we have.

Space did not save SWG, it wont save SWTOR, F2P store will bring enough money in that revamping space would be a waste of resources.
Yes they did say they are revamping or more specifically Daniel Erickson said the Space combat they are working on is "REVOLUTIONARY" and they said it's completely different to the current space combat system.

Source: (Interview with Daniel Erickson at E32012)

In the future content trailer we saw the addition of a new space combat mission named “Space Station Assault.” Was this the secret space development you were talking about?

DE: No.

Something different?

DE: Yeah. It’s a very exciting space mission; it really feels different from the other ones. The flavor of the feel is very different when you’re trying to race through the middle of a space station and all that stuff. But it is at the core an evolution above the space game as it is.

What we’re talking about in the future is revolutionary. We’re talking about a completely different pixel space.