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Here, a birthday party as suggested by ragnnerok!

On FRIDAYS, FCD is staffed by KHEM VAL and SCORPIO.

KHEM VAL: Children, today we will be celebrating someoneís birthday. Risha has survived another however many days a standard year is.
SCORPIO: I am uncertain what the big deal is. Once you have experienced a few hundred birthdays, they all start blurring together.
KHEM VAL: No kidding.
BABY RISHA climbs up the overflowing toybox, taking up a dramatic pose on top of M1-4X.
BABY RISHA: Countrymen, subjects, and Ė BABY RISHA looks down Ė assorted toys, today I grow one step closer to reaching the legal age to seize control of the ruling bodies of the many planets of this galaxy. In particular, I am rapidly approaching the point where I am qualified to become Supreme High Muckamuck and Ultimate Queen of Korriban.
KHEM VAL: Wait, what?
BABY RISHA: You can do it at, like, age six, so long as you have the power to seize it. Itís on one of your stone tablets somewhere.
BABY TALOS: I didnít want to tell her that, but she made me explain it while I was translating the tablet.
BABY RISHA: So soon my long frustration will come to an end.
SCORPIO: ďLongĒ being a relative term here.
BABY RISHA: Yeah, whatever.
YOUNG BOWDAAR: I AM A SLAVE, but I hear sometimes laws change to let other people have nice things. I wouldnít know. Everyone has to do what you say, so why not just order the Dark Council to let you be Supreme High Whatchamacallit right now?
BABY RISHA: I canít get in to order them. They barricaded themselves in the Council room some time ago. I canít move the big table they put in the way of the door.
KHEM VAL: When I was your age, people had to work to rule Korriban. Tulak Hord won his throne with blood and terror, not legal shenanigans and arbitrary plot powers.
BABY ELARA, running out of the kitchen: Mister Khem Val! Mister Khem Val! I was doing my regular check of the expiration dates of the stuff in the fridge, and, and, a bunch of kids are in there with the birthday cake!
The children follow KHEM VAL and SCORPIO into the kitchen, where BABIES ANDRONIKOS, VETTE, and GUSS are gorging themselves on chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting topped with chocolate shavings.
BABY TANNO VIK is tucking pieces of cake into his jacket and wearing an elaborate plastoid crown, which judging by the frosting along the bottom edge had been a cake topper up until two minutes ago.
BABY RISHA, snatching the crown off BABY TANNO VIKís head: Thatís mine!
BABY ANDRONIKOS, looking shameless: Risha, having checked this cake for quality, I can safely say you have fine taste.
BABY VETTE: Yeah, your benevolence knows no bounds. Itís appreciated.
BABY GUSS, looking terrified: They made me do it.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Guss, you jumped up here first. I then knocked you off the counter to make sure I could get more for myself. You then climbed back up and actually punched me in a sad effort to indicate your displeasure before diving into the cake. You couldnít be more culpable if you tried.
BABY GUSS: They made me do it. Donít hurt me.
BABY TANNO VIK is still busily cramming pieces of cake into his jacket.
SCORPIO: Vik, what are you doing?
BABY TANNO VIK: Taking cake.
SCORPIO: But all the other thieves have been eating the cake. You are not.
BABY TANNO VIK: Iím allergic to chocolate, but if things are getting stolen I thought I should get in on the action on general principle. Iím sure I can sell it later.
BABY RISHA: You are so not getting invited to my coronation.
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