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Was doing a search for "operations difficulty" because I am getting bored of doing the same things all the time, and I came to this post.

I believe that at this stage, mid August, that it is still relevant.

Nothing new to do, and no reason to continue to do the current content.

step 1 - level to 50
step 2 - do dailies to gear up for hard modes and raids
step 3 - geared with raid gear, dailies are too easy and boring, so raid.
step 4 - raid, raid, raid. what is there to do now that raids are boring.
step 5 - level alts to 50 through the same content
step 6 - in the desire not to be bored we leave for new content - another game
step 7 - rinse and repeat...
As you stated this is a 6 month old post.
Most of the complaints listed by the OP are now irrelevant with the addition of EC, the only valid complaint is that Nightmare mode EC still hasnt been implemented & that there was only 4 bosses. A new raid coming in approx 8 weeks.

This game never has catered to special snowflakes and never will, going F2P has shown that their target audience is the unwashed masses.