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I'd have to agree. SWG suffered from two major era problems to me. One, it was stuck in the time period between Episodes 4 and 5 and so as people have said left the scope from any story development pretty minimal and when they did it tended to be at odds with canon. Two, the Jedi/Sith problem although in the expanded universe there were apparently a few other force users floating around in this period, realistically there are only 3 lightsiders and 2 darksiders around according to the films. SOE never really got round this problem and the fact that people want to play force-users. Period immersion was broken quite a lot by having 20 or 30 people running around in social hubs with sabers.
When it was made a starting profesion and Visabillity was thrown out it was ruined. I think I saw 1-2 sabers the first couple years I played and normally you would only see them in PVP. Most Jedi did not want visabillity and those that didn't care had a BH after them all the time and that was the price of too many jedi.
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