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SWG was in the original trilogy era and that certainly did not play out better

Personally I think this era was the best choice, things are recognizable, but still removed far enough to have freedom artistically and storywise
I'd have to agree. SWG suffered from two major era problems to me. One, it was stuck in the time period between Episodes 4 and 5 and so as people have said left the scope from any story development pretty minimal and when they did it tended to be at odds with canon. Two, the Jedi/Sith problem although in the expanded universe there were apparently a few other force users floating around in this period, realistically there are only 3 lightsiders and 2 darksiders around according to the films. SOE never really got round this problem and the fact that people want to play force-users. Period immersion was broken quite a lot by having 20 or 30 people running around in social hubs with sabers.
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