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What's in a Name? The first time you hear or call someone by their name is always, I apologize for the enormous heap of stuff here, but they're all short.

Ruth with Quinn, immediately after the first time they’re intimate, no spoilers, 170 words:

Ruth with Wynston, Sith Warrior spoilers through the end of Act 1, 300 words:

Nalenne with Lieutenant Pierce, lifted directly from No Death, Only Wrath’s original run, 450 words, no spoilers:

Nalenne with Niselle and the Dark Council, spoilers for SW and SI endgame titles, 400 words:

...I guess I could talk about a non-Warrior, but where would the fun in that be? Even my Trooper is named Vierce, which had nothing to do with the fact that I knew he would make Lieutenant, which would make him pleasingly rhyme with...*cough* I'm done!
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