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So as I'm approaching level 50 with my first toon, I must say I'm disappointed with the level of "Star Warsyness" of this game. I would assume that BW and EA were willing to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at a game is the huge base of people out there who are Star Wars fans. Any by "Star Wars fans", I mean people who watched & liked the original trilogy.

For example, why does this Darth Malgus character show up all over the place? How many more people would play this game if it was Darth Vader?

So far, the only planets I've really liked are Tatooine and Hoth, and Alderaan. Before playing this game, I had never heard of Taris, or Nar Shadda, or Belsavis, or any of those other planets.

Okay, I sort of remember the Twi'lek dancers, so that's kind of cool. But who are the Mirakula, or whatever they're called? And those Chiss, or the Sith?

I'm sure lots of people who are familiar with the "Extended Universe" get all excited for references to Darth Revan, but the average person doesn't. Darth Revan wasn't worth a $100 million MMORPG. Darth Vader would be.
The simple fact is that Jedis were rare in Vader's time and you can't have a Star Wars game unless anyone can play a Jedi. I think BW/EA/Lucas choose the exact right time.
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