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08.12.2012 , 10:44 AM | #5
I'm all for this. This is Star Wars and in an older period, there should be an epic ancient Sith dungeon with a pure destructive evil for us to vanquish. To expand on the unique gear idea, BioWare could make unique schematics that drop in this particular Ops so be could have some more special gear/items and there is a greater reward to the Ops other than commendations and tokens. Having them as schematics would also make crew skills a bit more important, but these unique items should require materials specifically from that certain Ops to add more incentive to run it as well.

There are a ton of things BioWare can do to Ops more interesting and rewarding. I know they are coming out with a new Ops soon, but they will have to add something else to make it really unique from the others. I'm not just talking about another tier of gear either.