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Sabrina was sitting in a meeting, with correilans and team from the echani. When news came in, about attack on the diplomatic building. Which was to play host, to the meeting from final delgation the republic and the mandolarians. The meeting was then quickly ajourned,both sides wanted to contact home world. To see what their responce should be, to the attack.
On her way out of the meeting, she struck up a quick conversation with a senior diplomate. Who seemed espicaly put out by the attack. Sabrina asked him "Is it wise to choose a side, in a civil war. When we no idea who going to win, espicaly so openly, as this attck may just be first stage. Of the civil war, coming to our doorsteps?" The diplomate looked at her, relised she was just an inturn. Then replied"Thats always the danger of diplomacy, hidden or overt. But if we don`t try, the galaxy will always be at war." Then smiled at her"Then again, I think the echani would would agree with you?" Sabrina nodded at the diplomats comments, Then thought to her self, so echani will proably lead the opose the a new treaty the most. This was the first part`s of her plan comming together.
Soon after they reached cursuant an came into orbit waiting for new building to be used for the diplomatic mission.
Then they would begin landing, in mean while sabrina spent time trying to over here what the echani had to say. She soon relised they had a natural mistrust, of the mandolarins and would be easyist to exploit.