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08.12.2012 , 09:38 AM | #18
After donig Lost Island a few things I have come to the comclusion that the robot fight makes no sense at all. Tweek the robot fight, and everything else is fine with the FP.

Why is a guardain robot... able to control seemingly at will, the flow of Lava? (nothig happens until you start the fight.

Why is a guardian robot about to spawn these monstrous adds at will, that do his commond? Fine the robot breaks the tanks... but thier horrible mutant abominations. Why do they instantly help the robot??? Wouldn't crazyed mutatons attack anything that moves *shrug*.

Speaking of crazy mutations.... Where the hell did that rifle come from? Really? He had a sniper rifle with him in a kolto tank??

Considering the diff of this robot vs everything else, (some will hate me for this) the fight needs to be... toned down a slight bit. I'm not 100% sure what would be best to tweek or remove. But the fight is like juggling chainsaws, even with people that know what to do, its to dependent on luck most of the time.

Thiers definitely something wrong with a FP where the hardest boss is at the beginning of the FP , and its not the Final boss.