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08.12.2012 , 04:27 AM | #79
I agree with Republic Corellia. I loathe the planet itself - obstructive design, claustophobic, orange and brown and brown and orange, and generally a deeply unpleasant place to finish one's journey through the story (ok the park has its moments, but not enough). But I still have really fond memories of running through there with my main, because it really did feel like such a triumphant capstone to the war and the epic culmination of everything I'd been working toward. (Plays really nicely with the JK questline, too, which always helps; I tend to enjoy planets less when the class story and planet story are completely disconnected or thematically at odds.)

I also really like Ilum, if only because the idea that the story doesn't stop at 50 and there's a whole well-developed plot with characters and progression and stuff to do beyond the level cap and not just repetitive raiding or PvP is so great.