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Interlude - Flashback: Reinvention, Part I

Sith Academy, Korriban

Overseer Ravinia Dhakar was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of her holoterminal beeping to indicate an incoming call.

She considering disabling the device with a Force push and going back to sleep, but curiosity overwhelmed her irritation. She climbed out of bed, grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her, then activated the holoterminal.

Blue light coalesced into the image of a young Sith Pureblood woman. She appeared to have been in a fight; her clothing was disheveled, her hair was in disarray, and there was a fresh wound angling across the right side of her face from forehead to cheek. She was lucky that the blow hadn’t taken her eye out.

Ravinia blinked at her. “K’hera?” Of all the people that she would have expected to call her in the middle of the local night, her niece was definitely not one.

K’hera nodded. “Ravinia, I need your help.” She sounded shaken. What had happened to her?

Ravinia raised one of her brow ridges quizzically. “My help? Whatever for?”

K’hera looked around nervously. “I’ve uncovered a traitor to the Empire. Problem is, she knows I’m onto her. If I transmit the evidence I’ve found to you, can you make sure it goes to the right people?”

Ravinia crossed her arms. “I’m going to need a reason.”

“You can pretend you found the evidence yourself, if you want. I’m sure you’ll be rewarded.”

“I’ll consider it,” Ravinia said dubiously. “Who exactly is this traitor?”

K’hera swallowed hard. “Darth Evendre.”

Ravinia’s eyes widened. “Your master?”

“I know, it sounds incredible, but it’s true. I have recordings showing her in communication with the Jedi.”

“You said she knows you’re aware of her treason,” Ravinia said sharply.

K’hera gestured towards the slash across her right eye. “We fought. I lost.”

“You fought a Darth and survived? That’s quite impressive.” Ravinia thought for a moment, ideas forming in her mind. “Very well. Send me your evidence; I will submit it to the proper authorities.”

“And what are you expecting in return?” K’hera asked warily.

“Is it too hard to believe that I would do this as a favor for my favorite niece?”

“Frankly, yes.”

“Well,” Ravinia said slowly. “You’re clearly in a tight spot. You might not even make it out alive. But if you do…you owe me a favor. A large one.”

K’hera nodded. “All right. It’s not as if I have a choice.” She grimaced. “I can get off Dromund Kaas, I think—but it’ll be tricky. If I crash my starfighter out in the jungle, everyone will believe that I’m dead. Then I can catch a shuttle to…somewhere far away.”

“I’ve heard worse plans,” Ravinia said, shrugging. “If you make it work, contact me. I’m interested to learn how this progresses.”

K’hera nodded. “If I survive. Transmitting the evidence of Evendre’s treason now.”
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