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I completely understand their is a war going on within this time period. And you are playing that part hardcore with KP/EV/EC. I would like to see some Ops that are set in a sith tomb where the main protagonist is an ancient ghost of the dark lord of that tomb. And looting that lords gear that is different looking than any other. Like an old platemail or ringmail type. Stop giving us all the same ugly gear for raids. I.E. token drops that all look alike but different color schemes.l I want to wear Tulak Hordes mask, weild Ajunta Pall's sword. Give us Ancient jedi robes from fallen masters.

I want to do the iconic star wars raids, not kill an unknown Transdoshan on top of a walker. Let us raid ancient tombs and temples. Genosian bunkers etc. Give us loot drops that can not be turned in for tokens so we have a reason to keep going back and farm it. You dont have to make up new Operations were we kill a hutt or take down an ancient rakatta person.

You have the license to do great things, do a wiki search on old republic talismans etc, and start building raids to get these or flashpoints that drop these ancient bad @ss toys. I dont want gear called columi or rakatta or campaign, I want a dang lightsaber that was wielded by Naga Sadow, and make it original like shorter than all others so its unique. Do something that will make swtor a place to raid and feel starwarsy..

People feel free to give devs idea's. Worked a 12hour shift and as I was thinking about this I had more idea's than I can remember when I went to post it. I hope you get the idea.