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I'm having a blast as a human Consular Shadow but want a taste of the Dark Side. I'm considering a Chiss Imperial Agent, since the consensus is that the story is fantastic.

The blue skin and mysterious backstory of the Chiss seem to fit the 007 vibe of the agent's character. However, doesn't an agent need to be fairly nondescript to assume different identities, operate without drawing attention, work from the shadows, etc.? People would tend to remember "the blue guy," right?
Not really... since you get thousand times more distinct wookies, trandoshans, Ithorians...

Amount of nearhuman races in the galaxy is so big... and well Ascendancy is not exactly widely known in this era. (and those few Chiss in outer rim always went beyond notice, as majority of populace was always restricted to Ascendancy...)

You know when Grand Admiral Thrawn roled over New Republic noone really knew his race.

And well only after Thrawn made them famous... and Luke stumbled on the Empire of the Hand galaxy started to truly started to be wary of Chiss.
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