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Hi there! There's currently a Known Issue with premade groups of 4 when queuing for Group Finder. Unfortunately, this is manifesting in several ways, as you noted here. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on getting it resolved; due to the way the issue is manifesting, the team is taking extra time in testing the fix once it's ready. We'll keep you updated when more information as it becomes available.
It would be fantastic if they were "taking extra time in testing" BEFORE breaking something that worked. That sort of care I can appreaciate. Taking your time after you've lit the place on fire is not so welcome. For that, I want hot fix and I honestly wanted it yesterday along with the "whoops, we busted EC" fix. Especially as this looks like reversion error to a problem that cropped up pretty much day 1 of Groupfinder's release. Was somebody working on old codebase when they wrote the new patch and forgot to fold in a fix we've already seen? Is this the "top self" product we were told could command a $15 subscription fee?