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08.10.2012 , 08:53 PM | #8
I would just like to mention about how I liked the reply the BW employee left on here. The issue was acknowledged, they gave a short description on what exactly is going on (even if it means there was a mistake done by BW) and then they described a little bit on how they were going to correct the issue.

If more BW posts could be like this, I'm quite positive they'd have far less ppl upset over minor issues like this. They don't have to give us exact details on everything they're doing. Just acknowledgement that it's an issue and a short, but sweet description on them handling it and how they're handling it.

The way I look at it, the more info they give us on issues; means they actually took time to look up the issue and that they are working hard on fixing it. Thank you BW.

As far as the poster's questions on whether or not they'll have to document every FP they run. I don't think you'll have to. They actually have a pretty good logging system built for this game. For example, I reported someone back during the Rakghoul world event thing and the CS sent me back everything I did and said during the 2 hrs that the incident went on. They said I didn't have a claim and so on. And 2 weeks ago, I got reported by someone. It was all wrong, so I emailed CS and asked them to re-investigate it. Well no more than an hour later I get an apology email from BW.

So as far as documenting goes, it'll be more for your own piece of mind. But they should have it all down in their system on what you did, at what time and so on.