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For me personally, and to some extent my guild, this entire situation has just destroyed any enthusiasm I once had for this game. I'm sick and tired of the lackluster endgame content, with mechanics generally being easily bypassed even on hard mode, the glacial pace of content production and the actual amount of content that is released once something of substance does come out (4 bosses... still can't believe they did this for an entire tier) and we're expected to believe that they're going to shove out even more content with a massively reduced development team. I loved this game and to some extent still do, but I'm slowly seeing my guild dissolve out of pure boredom with the current content, all 20 of us are full campaign or near enough and we've been running Denova for 3 nights a week for the past 4, closing on 5 months. This week for example out of our 20 raiders, 5 turned up.... 5! and the general attitude of those that did was "Do we have to?". Its a sorry state of affairs when a raiding guild doesn't actually want to raid any more.

Lets say for a minute that they actually announce 1.4 at gamescom next week, the content most likely won't hit the PTS until sometime in September following the various previews and hype building that they usually do with these patches. If indeed it does contain the new operation it will be on the PTS for at least a month, if not more like 1.2 was meaning that it will most likely be released sometime in October. There's also the possibility that they'll release it with little to no PTS testing resulting in the content being completely broken. I'm sorry but that's just not good enough. By that time we'll have been stuck with 4 bosses for 6 months with a damned free to play conversion on the horizon a month or so later. Then what if its just NM Denova? or if Terror is stupidly small like Denova before it, we'll just be repeating this whole process over again only with free to play to look forward to, but don't worry, we'll have new hats to keep ourselves occupied with!

I'd like to say I'll stick around for that long but I'm not going to kid myself any more.... I think I may end up re subbing to Rift. Say what you like about that game but at least it has an endgame with more than 4 bosses at a time.
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