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Sorrann and his troop went back to the abandoned apartment complex where the Reavers had set up. He went to the command room, the most spacious apartment in the complex, to examine the datapad he was handed and to watch the footage from the security cameras. No diplomats yet. He turned on the datapa to see a message from Lord Ravvok, the Sith who backed Reyko's Reavers and apprentice of Darth Morva of the Dark Council. The message read:

Greetings, Sorrann. Assuming you are still pn Coruscant at the moment, I have another task. There is a Jedi named Hollik Drandel who has been a pain in my side for too long. I would take care of this myself, but I have more pressing matters to be dealt with on Voss. Your job is to assasinate Drandel. He will be present at the diplomat's meeting as a Republic emmissary. The details of your payment will be disclosed as soon as the job is done, however I can assure you it will be a handsome reward. Ravvok out

Sorrann put down the datapad and called Skorr to the bounty hunter's room. When Skorr stepped in, Sorrann said, "We have acquired a new target as well as the ambassador. Jedi Knight Hollik Drandel will be present at the diplomatic meeting. We have to scavenge his body from the rubble of the building" Skorr nodded and went back downstairs.
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