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I don't want to burn through my backlog too quickly, but here's the first part. It sort of introduces a plot. The Sith Inquisitor is mentioned, but the only thing that could count as a spoiler is the mention of the Inquisitor's title at the end of chapter three, which I think is fairly common knowledge.

One – A Return, Changes
Dromund Kaas
12 ATC

Darth A’tro, the Emperor’s Wrath, strode through the halls of the Citadel in Kaas City.

She surveyed her surroundings carefully as she walked, partially out of habitual paranoia, and partially to reacquaint herself with the place. She had been too long away from Dromund Kaas.

At last, she reached her chambers, a set of rooms that had been given to her following her ascension as the Wrath. Stepping inside, she found Jaesa waiting for her.

The antechamber was dominated by a large picture window that gave a spectacular view of the jungle. Jaesa was looking out, and turned as A’tro entered.

“Hello,” she said. She nodded towards the window. “Quite the view you have here. I didn’t get a chance to look properly when we were here before.”

“You’ll certainly have the chance now,” A’tro said. “We are going to be here for a while. I’ve been away from the seat of the Empire for too long. I have a great many things to attend to.”

Jaesa looked at her inquisitively. “Including my further instruction, I hope?”

A’tro frowned. “Don’t get impertinent, apprentice. I am not in the mood.”

“I apologize, Master.”

“I’ve arranged for you to have an apartment on one of the lower floors. It’s small, but this way you won’t have to live with me.”

“I appreciate that, Master,” Jaesa said. She smiled wryly. “After a year and a half living with five other people on a ship the size of the Alecto, it’ll be nice to have some personal space, even if it is small.”

A’tro nodded. “I’m glad you approve. I have the key codes for your new apartment on my datapad. I assume you’ll want to settle in right away.”

Jaesa nodded. “Is that everything, Master?”

“For the time being.” A’tro looked the younger woman in the eye and said seriously, “You’re a Sith apprentice on Dromund Kaas, Jaesa. Feel free to enjoy the privileges that entails.”

Jaesa smiled eagerly. “I’m looking forward to it.”

A’tro nodded. “I have no more need of you this evening; go explore the city. I want you to come see me tomorrow afternoon, however.”

“I can come earlier, if you’d like.”

A’tro sighed and shook her head. “I’m meeting with Darth Nox in the morning.”

“She’s the new Dark Council member, right?”

A’tro nodded. “She ascended right after I did—only a few hours after, in fact.” She shook her head. “The way she fought… I don’t want someone like that for an enemy. Thus, our meeting.”

“I understand,” Jaesa said. “Can I go?”

“Yes, yes. Go on.”

Jaesa left, and A’tro collapsed into a nearby chair with a sigh. The prospect of everything that she needed to do loomed over her. Dealing with internal affairs was going to be more difficult than fighting a military campaign.

Vette would appreciate the opportunity for a vacation of sorts, even if Dromund Kaas was far from her choice of locales. A’tro would have to find something to keep Broonmark occupied; the Talz was never happy unless he was killing something. She supposed that applied to Pierce as well.

And then there was Quinn, whom she had been trying her best not to think about.

I’ll let him stew for a while, she thought smugly. Having nothing to do is probably worse than torture for him. Emperor knows, he deserves it.

She sighed and covered her face with her hands, massaging her temples. She could feel a headache coming on.

Nothing is ever easy, she thought wearily. I’m twenty-nine years old and I’m one of the most powerful Sith in the galaxy. I always swore I’d be a Darth before I was thirty, and here I am.

She raised her head and looked out the window. A storm was brewing in the distance; she could see lightning flickering within the dark clouds on the horizon.

She would sleep for a few hours, she decided. After that, it was time to get to work.

So I promised that after the prologue, chapters would be longer, and then I went and posted something shorter. It was long at first, I promise! But then I decided to cut a large chunk of it, and it shrank. But future stuff, some of which is already written, will be longer, I swear.
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