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It seems like people are bringing up a lot of long-standing issues, so here goes:

After defeating Yadira Ban and talking to the General, you contact the Black Talon and talk to the droid. He tells you to "return to the Brentaal Star". You are currently ON the Brentaal Star when he tells you this, then you subsequently return to the BLACK TALON.

Yes there are more pressing issues in the game, but I certainly hope the team responsible for dialogue isn't the same team responsible for making sure people can re-enter Denova without a server error.
Dear god, how did I never notice this? I've done Black Talon at least 50 times and catch that mistake.

In hindsight, perhaps the mistake was just so ridiculous that I couldn't believe that the voice actor had said it.

Return to the Brentaal Star? Stupid robot we just finished killing all the Republic ON the Brentaal Star
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