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Yeah I'm sure were all aware of the datamined gear, but for anyone who didn't thanks for bringing it up. Naturally they are subject to potential change if plans have changed. Personally I think people banged on so much about server merges and lfg tool that Ops work likely got sidetracked. That and the fact that this f2p plan has likely been worked on since the sub drop to 1.3 mill, if not before then.

If they don't release something in Sept they're asking for a loss in subs really :P well atleast release something onto PTS so we can all play around with it, work the bugs out etc. But yeah fingers crosses for news in Gamescon.

I can't recall if I mentioned but the swtor head writer also suggested we should hear news about content (maybe not ops but content) in a tweet recently. I wouldn't be surprised if by hear new stuff, he meant at GamesCon too. Afterall that's how we first saw Terror trailer at E3.
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