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I don't know about everyone else, but since the last maintenance downtime on the 9th August i have found that the group finder is broken.

Doing a hard mode flashpoint results in the following problems;

The Group Finder is adding all flashpoints to your quest log
The Group Finder is asking me to travel to each of these flashpoints one after the other
The Group Finder isnt awarding black hole commendations with any consistency. Only once out of the last three hard modes i have done resulted in comms being awarded.
The Group Finder isnt always recognising the flashpoint is compleated with regard to galactic dailies/weeklies
The Group Finder is applying the lock out when you leave your group after compleating the flashpoint.

Prior to the last maintenance i had not experianced any of these issues, however the last three hard mode flashpoint i did all party memebers experianced the same issues. I did submit a ticket with regard to it. I am wondering if it is only a few people or everyone who is getting these problems now?
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