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I don't know about anyone else, but I was already aware that the Denova and Hazmat gear was in the game coding, and had been datamined. But this doesn't mean give us an idea of when it'll be released, and it doesn't confirm that it still is coming, it's possible plans have changed. The Denova and Hazmat gear was put into the game by a team that is vastly different, it's possible it might not be in the plans anymore. No way to tell until we see it, or until we get some COMMUNICATION from this new and apparently improved Community Team. Anyone them reading this, I hope they give us something we want to hear.
Yea if they said something would be nice but the peices fit quite well gotta give it a little more possible then not but yea of course anything can change esspecialy with changes in staff.

BUT the staff changes werent actually layoffs it was EA cycling there contract workers, EA has an issue, rather then renewing the contract workers they let them expire then get a whole new set of people adn then the main staff wastes time training them in their systems rather then making content read this glassdoor stuff about BW (REMEMBER BW IS GONE EA KEPT THE NAME FOR MARKETING PURPOSES)
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