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1. Illogical Racisim.
I understand that human and pureblood Sith would act snide and elietest towards other races and nonforce users. Though not on this level. I see people activily ignoreing Twi'leks, Zabraks and and Rattikai because they are choosing to RP Darths or anything other than basic force sensitive.
Are you implying there is logical / appropriate racism?

I haven't seen this behaviour. It would seem appropriate to RP an attitude as a pure blood sith against non pure-bloods but I hope it isn't being done to the point people are feeling left out.

EDIT: My Inquisitor has the opposite attitude to a pure-blood Sith. You kind of have to given your companions.

2.Everyone is Darth Zashes apprentice.
This goes with the don't RP your class' main story rule, but I no longer see this anywhere other than the Inquisitors. Every other class I've seen has wised up, but not the Inquisitors claim to be Zashes apprentice. To joke around twice I said "Well so am I." On both times th person raged on me. This was middle of the day during school hours so unless some kid stayed home sick, I was dealing with some no life guy that lives in his basement.
I logged in once at lunch and remarked how amazing it was the server was full. I was informed it was anywhere between 6 and 9 pm to many of the people online. I've never once seen a fight regarding being Zash's apprentice.

3. The total dismissal of Sith guidelines. rules and decrees.
Most Sith run around ruining everyone's day ICly. They assault, exort and even try to !>-****-<! other players. I get the whole Sith are evil and can be monsters thing. Though the Sith ahve always followed some form of guidlines so people don't see them as psychopatic squirrels on crack.
No, what you suggest is not in keeping with canon. There are conservative forces within the Empire (e.g. Darth Thanaton) who believe in a strict interpretation of the Code and then there are -- I won't call them liberal -- those who are perfectly willing to bend the rules (e.g. Lord Zash). There are even radicals -- think Imperial Agent storyline, don't want to *spoil* anything -- who are willing to destroy an awful lot Imperial infrastructure and are pretty much the psychopathic squirrels on crack you refer to.

4. The demand of respect due to being level 50 and having the Darth title.
Never seen it, although on an RP server you would expect to see it.

What server are you on anyways. I haven't seen any of this behaviour on mine.

Also the server is Ebon Hawk and the spelling was due to me being pissed off at the time and typeing too fast.
We are on the same server and I've NEVER seen this behaviour you speak of. Are you sure you aren't being a little sensitive and blowing a few bad experiences out of proportion.

I have literally only met only 1 jerk on this server. Several "irritating" people, but only 1 person who did anything I would suggest worsened the overall experience of the players around them. And a friendly Level 50 stepped in and corrected the situation.

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