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Entirely my opinion. But i say this new restructed group of Devs + community team have even less credibility than the previous team. They were mainly put together after firing off many of the senior developers of the game, some which were directly involved in design of the game. Basically you are believing their hogwash that this newly gathered team is going to fix the mess and keep content coming@ a steady pace from now on!

Also their Game leads like John Olsen's words have no credibility. All empty promises. If its any solid news of upcoming development. You can be assured Leads like John Olsen would be the one making the announcements in their own community blogs/Game start-up screen/big sites like, and not through the forum community managers. The announcement of re-opening dates of PTS servers, is the only clean and clear indication of upcoming operations. Anything else is "coming".

You guys should lay off the unnecessary stress on the community team. Basically they are just forum moderators
Well I don't share the same opinion, but I can see where you're coming from. But they're all professionals up there at BW Austin, and until the new team gives us a reason to doubt them, I say we at least give them a shot. Everything is still in theory talk though, there are many worst case and best case scenarios about what is going to happen to the game this fall, and until we see it unfold, there's no way to tell who is right or wrong. But the Community Team is more than just forum moderators, they are the voice of BW on these forums, and I feel that if they want to communicate more, they need to do it on this subject.
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