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If you're looking to put out massive amounts of dps as well as a challenge, Sentinel is the way to go. I dps for my guilds main Ops team occasionally (when they need another DPS for EC) and I 'm normally on the top of the dps parsing with normally 28%-35%(depending on how on my game I am) of total damage during bosses. On top of the massive dps, Sentinels have pretty good utility. As watchman you have self / group heals; as combat you have a huge armor reduction. Additionally, for solo play Sentinels have quite possibly the best non-tank defensive cooldowns. The challenge comes with the "rotation" for Sentinels. Particularly in watchman you have to do a priority based system for using skills since you have some "on proc" resets.

If you're looking for good dps with lots of variability, Shadow is the way to go. Based on which spec you choose, you can do your dps with mostly melee attacks with a few force attacks sprinkled in or vice-versa. Additionally, if you go Shadow you can always change to tank if you need / want to. In my opinion though, Shadows are far better at solo play than Sentinels. They also have a CC (Sentinels have a droid cc.... how useless).
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