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either take lost island off the LFG tool, make it premade only, or add a gear check

i don't know how many tiems i've had to leave cause under-geared or under-skilled or entirely new people are queing for it....

this is NOT that hard of an instance, but it IS hard for new players, and under geared players....

something has to be done yallllll

(before the cool guys step in, yes i have patience, and i've tried to get new people aware of mechanics, but like i said, it's really tough for new players, so many people qutitting this instance all the time because of PUG)

(before the other cool guys step in with "so just make your own group", that's not the point of having a LFG tool)

edit: another fix could possibly be just SIMPLY listing the minimum requirements for Lost Island
gear check wont eliminate the under skilled and first timers. no lfd tool ever will. this is just something WE and YOU will have to deal with when using this tool. you cant fix this, bioware cant fix this. so just learn to deal with it since you are against the best solution of making your own premade.

as far as first timers, it is safe to say everyone who has done the zone was once one. to help these people out is to make them to do the story mode in order to be "flagged" for the hm. this way people will know most of the fight mechanics but still not all. they will still be first timers.