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Hello again! I wanted to update you about another of your questions:
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Miralukas (not sure if other species) are still not able to show the headslot item. We can show our hoods (if available) by turning off the head slot item but still not show the head slot item when turning the hoods back on again. This is taking a very long time to get fixed. I chose this species as a main with my class and am really bothered by how long it is taking to resolve this issue. Where do we stand with this?

There have been recent discussions around this, and it's something that the developers and artists are looking at now. The option currently works as it does because the character customization masks can be highly incompatible with many pieces of headgear. However, we are looking into changing this such that players could select the option, and when headgear is visible, the customized mask would change to something more subtle (but appropriate to the fact that the Species is blind). If players have decided to hide the headgear , their normal visor would show. We will try to keep you updated as decisions are made around the topic.
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