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That's a consequence of pugging yes. Signing up as a group of 4 will generally bring your win rate from 30-50% to 70-80%, even if you don't necessarily come with awesome PvPers.

I would say there is more or less 4 categories of players
- The "tourists" : they sign up for WZ for comms only and have no clue AND no will to learn or follow instruction. They are easy to catch. In CW/NC, they are those who go defending the node even if they were told not to (as Ops leader assigned a better defender to it). Don't expect them to be calling for inc, if they are left defending in VS, they will have the door ninjaed 95% of the time. In Huttball, they are just chasing kills everywhere or filling resolve bar and will most likely be bashing at a random guy at the other end of the map while his team try to score. Hopefully, they will learn at one point and become the second category.
- The standard player : neither determinant nor useless, he will call inc 50% of the time, generally a tad too late by excess of confidence (as he thought he could do it, but die). He doesn't necessarily chase people far from the nodes in CW/VS/NC, but you can count on them to do that from time to time, and they won't necessarily pay attention to the node capping. They CAN be guided by more experienced player. It's always safe to remind them some of the things they shouldn't do.
- The organized players : Not necessarily great players, just people who are doing their job correctly. They understood how the warzones are working, and will focus on winning the warzone rather than being solo hero.
- The self proclamed Pros : not necessarily great players either, but it's how they see themselves. They are some kind of mix between an organized player (as they DO know the wz and can do good, when they can be bothered) and a tourist. They generally leave warzones fast if you loose, and tell everyone how noob they are. They are an asset ONLY if you win. If you loose, they are a dead weight and will participate to you loosing even more by wasting time whining rather than winning.

The outcome will be determined by how many of each category you have in your team. By Pugging, you increase the chance to have a bigger proportion of 1 and 4, whereas what you would really prefer is 2 and 3. If you premade, generally you ensure yourself to have at least 4 of the second or 3rd category. So eventually you randomize only on 50% of your team, and it's way more efficient.

You can safely bet unguilded player to have a bigger proportion of #1 and #2. Reason for that is that a player who doesn't bother with a guild is generally not taking the game very seriously (which is fair enough) and won't bother that much to do better. That or they lack the social skills to get one. They don't have guildies to help them to progress, so their progression rate is slower.

So yes, sure, pugging increases the imbalance of the warzones. Note premading doesn't really solve it either, but at least you win way more than you loose, but you'll crush more than you'll be crushed.

Of course, other parameters come after that. Mostly the amount of healers each side of the Warzones. Unarguably, the loosing faction is in general the faction where the healer population is the lowest. I don't know if there is any solution to it but healers really turn the tide of warzones, way more than any other so called "OP class".
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