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08.09.2012 , 11:46 PM | #6
Wait, sorry if this is stupid but doesnt this mean that you need to have slicing to use augments without GTN? I thought that slicing was best with cybertech though, and apparantly you can only use augments with armortech, armstech, and synthweaving.
So now i have to create an alt and give it armor/arms/synth so i can make augment slots on my items? But that cant work because all my items that i wanna augment are BOP so i cant mail them to my alt.
Im confused, so to get augments on my items i would have needed to pick armortech and slicing? Does that mean since im cybertech i cant use augments and all the schematics i have from slicing are for nothing?
If this is just me being stupid and overreacting because i misunderstood sorry for wasting your time.

PS: i know my username is weird, its supposed to be cadethejedi, as in cade skywalker, and i wasnt expecting to have to post here anyway