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More and more people are gearing up. More and more people give up in futility after being continuosly mauled.
Sort of an improvement from the middle upwards and a culling of those that don't have their heart in it, I think things are balancing out by the day.

I play Republic and for some reason, the closest matches tend to be against my own faction. Maybe because you are inherently more familiar with what they can and cannot do (teaming up with them and such) and the time it takes to process that is slightly quicker.

I have been playing ranked much more often as well. Quite a learning experience and there are definately specific players you try to mitigate as much as possible. I can't really point to one class either. If a guy can really play his character, he seems to do well no matter what class it is. Faced a monster Sentinel a couple of times today. Never knew that class could be so good because I never read much QQ about them. Our ops leader was coninuously keeping everyone informed about where he was (or where he thought he might be headed to). Constantly reminding us "Don't break the mez on him".

One thing I have quickly noticed is if when one or two of your team go down, the rest can fall in a big hurry. A delicate balance where losing one player can change things quickly. I learned the hard way in Voidstar today. Saw four team mates in relative proximity to the door, turned away to focus on a healer, looked back and an opponent was capping the door. Those four teammates are not chopped liver either. The speed at which situations change seem so much faster than in normal warzones (when both sides are relatively equal). I had to remind myself that the door must always be within view. Always.

I don't know if it would have made much difference as they mauled me rather quickly, is a game of seconds and you never know when reinforcements will be hopping off that platform.

Most of my team was much more experienced at ranked than I am. Quite a learning experience and I wasn't entirely displeased with myself. I definatley have room for improvement though. I need to get better at targeting specific focus opponents in a crowd. Too often I was wasting my biggest damage cds on the wrong guy. I thought my taunting was very effective though. Thank gawd I have an AOE taunt. It does give you a moment to retarget the right guy as well.

I had grown accustomed to 550ish dps in normal warzones. I don't think I broke 300 in any ranked match today, so i am particlurly impressed with those that get >500. I'm thinking you only get there by teamwork. You can't get there on your own.

Forgive me for getting off the beaten path. Obviously I had fun today and feel the need to tell someone about it. My first couple of paragraphs are my answer for the OP. I think things will balance out more through time.