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On the Mandalorian base planet, it was a new day and Rafeesh had been called to go to Mandalore's living quarters, for a new assignment. Rafeesh had been worried about this because he had not finished his studies yet and he was already being put into a new area. He was ready to do what was needed however.

Mandalore was waiting there for Rafeesh. Once Rafeesh came to Mandalore, Mandalore stated,"Rafeesh, You have done well with the experiments. However I now request that you go with the diplomats, because we have knowledge that the Republic could use, and you know as much as I do on that matter."

"Sir, I will do as you say. But I must ask why can you not have another person do it?"

"My answer is that you are the most well educated on the strengths and weaknesses that the Mandalorians learned of when we were part of the Empire. You are one of the very few who studied many of the datafiles we had, before the True Mandalorians stole them of course."

"I will leave as soon as my ship is ready." With that Rafeesh left the room, and began walking to the hangar, they had recently built.
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