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3 weeks earlier
Sabrina was summoned before her master, on drummond kass. Their Darth Vergas told her to goto Coruscant, and hire assassins, to kill the republic diplomats dealing with mandloarians. To help sow the seeds, of distrust between them.
She was corncerned with the mission, no real support, just cash no troops no ships no loyal companions. This concerned her to be so far into enemy terrtory, without any these basics. She new the task, would harder as she could not rely on the force, as if she did the jedi would imediatly know about her.
2 week earlier
Sabrina fury landed on balmorra, here she used some the money to buy a t3 model droid. The droid was basic utilerty droid on outside, but internally it has it a battle droid as well as an astro droid. She named it T3 T1 here she hid her light saber. Then used mind control techincs to get trip to correllia.
1 week earlier
As soon as she arrived on correlia, she made contact with an imperial agent. He told her who was incharge of diplomatic party to the mandolrians, for correlia. Next day she turned up for interveiw as an inturn, for correlia diplomatic core. She used force pursuation and bit guile, to get her the job which did not exsits at the time. On the correlian diplomatic team to cursant. Her plan was simple, as low level member she would not really been seen. Their she could plot, which mandlorian to set up and who to kill on the republic side.
Sabrina is taking notes, on the diplomatic meeting between diffrent senate groups. Here she trying to guage, diffrent people emotions. Who can be manipulated, who is most against the mandolrains treaty. This infomation is key to her success. On this journey, one thing note did happen, some jedi did pass her, they did not appear to relise she was force sentive.