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Thank you! Once I compiled the list I pretty much figured out that there's only 7 or so enhancements worth RE'ing to purple status: Acute & Battle (DPS), Reflective, Bulwark, & Bastion (Tank), Insight (DPS/Healer), and Assault (Crit Tank).
There are only six that have any real value:

DPS: Battle (Crit/Surge), Initative (Accuracy/Power - for white-damage-heavy specs and dual wielders)
Tank: Sturdiness (Shield/Absorb), Immunity (Shield/Defense)
Heal: Insight (Crit/Alacrity), Quick Savant (Power/Alacrity)

The endurance heavy ones are pretty pointless; enhancements should do work in filling up those stats that are hard to buff in other slots. You get endurance on everything else, so no need to go heavy with it on these, especially if you're going with primary stat + endurance augments all around.