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I'm sort of convinced now that Bioware has no true developing goals and deadlines other than making the conversion to F2P.

Think about it, for those that saw the datamined patch leaks, they'd see that 1.3 was supposed to be Terror from Beyond's release patch. However, it seemed as if Bioware had to spend so much resources on the LFG tool that Terror from Beyond in some form could not be released in 1.3. It could be done, even if it was buggy. 1.3 was on the test server anyway, players could have test the operation and if it was reasonably playable the bugs and kinks could have been fixed while it was already in the live servers. Bioware also at least has a working version of Terror from Beyond unless the studio is truly going to Duke Nukem Forever lengths of fabricating gameplay in a trailer.

There's also the usual of Bioware devs promising something then it doesn't show up for SWTOR. One Community Q&A seemed to suggest that Bioware will attempt to go back to actively trying to balance classes in between the 1.X patches, yet there's been no further word on that.

Not only that, but the weekly patches are getting progressively less substantive (and most likely without proper QA testing if Denova was any suggestion).

All in all, I'm fairly sure NiM Denova won't come out until 1.4 or after the F2P transition. But who knows when either will come, since early December is technically fall.
I think we have to take in to account that a lot of what has been said or promised in the past was said and promised by an almost entirely different community and dev team than what is in place now. There obviously was a big restructure, which it's pretty apparent now that it was for the announcing phase and transition phase of the F2P option. We've experienced a lull in the recent months, that I believe will cease to exist soon, since these new talks and promises about NiM Denova, the new content of 1.4, everything new with the F2P option and the rate at which content will be released have come from a new, restructured BW team that seems to have a very large scale plan for this fall. Obviously there is no way to see if they will live up to what they have said about F2P or about the rate of new content until we see it happen, but if the point of creating the F2P option and making such a major change to the business model is to help the game's population base grow and help it see greater financial success, it doesn't make any sense to me to assume that things involving the game, the devs, or the rate of content will stay exactly the same as they were before this large change was announced.

As I said, it's obviously just talk at this point, and until we see it, I have no evidence to back up this point of view other than theory and logic. But with GW2 soon, and MoP not far after that, it would be suicidal to not release or talk about the new content before then. My personal guess is that we'll see a PTS of either NiM Denova or 1.4 in late August or early September, with a release date to try to compete against MoP.
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