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1. Illogical Racisim.
I understand that human and pureblood Sith would act snide and elietest towards other races and nonforce users. Though not on this level. I see people activily ignoreing Twi'leks, Zabraks and and Rattikai because they are choosing to RP Darths or anything other than basic force sensitive. by now the in the STWOR world other aliens have proven themselves to be worthwhile. They are still looked down upon but are given the chance to become agents, soldiers, scientist and Sith. It baffels me, because the inquisitor advanced trainer is a Twi'lek that doesn't even speak basic(A.K.A English or whatever language you have set on)
Actually, this is false and sounds more like you blending IC/OOC and getting mad when someone's character disrespects yours for being an alien (just guessing). Racism is alive and well in the Empire. Aliens may be allowed to train as Sith and serve in the Imperial military, but by no stretch of the imagination are they viewed as equals with humans and purebloods. The word "alien" is used in a derogatory way throughout all of the Empire questlines, and your character often expresses surprise when an alien has a high station in a quest.

Furthermore, you are totally discounting the fact that individual people could have highly racist characters. If my character loathes all aliens and refuses to address them as equals... it's RP. It's IC. I don't expect someone to be mad OOC because my character does not like aliens, lol.

As for the non-Force user thing... of course the vast majority of Sith are going to look down upon non-FS. The Sith Empire is ruled by Sith with an iron fist. A Rattataki bounty hunter is barely above a slave in the eyes of the dark council and Sith as a whole. I have never understood why people get upset OOC about playing on the evil faction's side, when said evil faction is clearly biased and believes themselves superior to species/social status lower than them. If an alien attacks a human in the Sith Empire, the canon sentence is death.

2.Everyone is Darth Zashes apprentice.
This goes with the don't RP your class' main story rule, but I no longer see this anywhere other than the Inquisitors. Every other class I've seen has wised up, but not the Inquisitors claim to be Zashes apprentice. To joke around twice I said "Well so am I." On both times th person raged on me. This was middle of the day during school hours so unless some kid stayed home sick, I was dealing with some no life guy that lives in his basement.
Agree people shouldn't take their class stories IC but disagree with your analysis of the person's real life for all the reasons posters above me did.

3. The total dismissal of Sith guidelines. rules and decrees.
Most Sith run around ruining everyone's day ICly. They assault, exort and even try to !>-****-<! other players. I get the whole Sith are evil and can be monsters thing. Though the Sith ahve always followed some form of guidlines so people don't see them as psychopatic squirrels on crack. I have seen the above actions happen multiple times and everytime someone tries to fight back or call them out the Sith calls them traitors to the Empire demanding OOC that you let them perma kill your character because you insulted a Sith. If you say no and tell them to screw off, they trash talk you for about 20 minutes, then put you on ignore and file a complaint, having bioware send you a warning mail. If you pay even the slightest attention to the first couple cutscenes of either the Inquisitor or the warrior you can see them clearly state the rules and guidlines Sith follow and there is a quest on Dromund Kaas that informs you no matter what your class is that even full fledged sith can not kill lower members such at acolytes and apprentices. If you get them in trouble you are informed they were exucuted by Imperial Security without trial or investigation. The Empire takes theses rogue Sith VERY seriously. Like it or not people no matter what you say the Sith must behave or they get put down. It is plastered all over the game and it is clear as day.
I agree halfway. Sith don't go around just slaughtering everyone, but at the same time... Sith kill other Sith when they can get away with it. It's literally constant in both the Warrior & Inquisitor questlines. It is risky and can have consequences if the Sith aren't smart about it, but it still does happen. Some of this also seems to blur IC/OOC again. If someone plays an incredibly aggressive, hostile character, it doesn't mean they OOCly are an idiot and don't understand canon. Maybe it's their character.

Furthermore, the Sith are intended to be the evil antagonists of the game/Star Wars universe. They don't have a fair, logical governing body that is concerned if a Sith "misbehaves." Sith can pretty much do whatever they want until it comes to killing another Sith--openly. I'm pretty sure if a Sith killed an agent for backtalking them that nobody in the Empire would bat an eye.

I also have literally never heard of Bioware sending people warnings for the outcome of RP fights.

4. The demand of respect due to being level 50 and having the Darth title.
Yeah, that's dumb.

Basically, I see a lot of this post as blending IC & OOC. I understand that bad RP can be frustrating, but everyone's opinion of what bad RP is differs. You will be much, much happier in the long run if you simply relax and if something bugs you, go somewhere else rather than coming here and ranting about it, and insulting people who may have put a lot of time into their characters who have logical IC reasons for behaving the way that they do. Of course, this doesn't apply to trolls--but some of your examples sound like actual RP and not trolling. If you don't like racism against aliens, play Pub-side. <3

Also, 70% is a really precise number.
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