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how many people do you already have on ignore because of LFG tool?
4-5 abusive tanks (I really have very little patience for tanks who blame others for tank mistakes).

Regarding your edits: what I meant is, there's no incentive to PUGging Lost Island HM. You can still get the 8 BH comms by doing it with a known group.

Are you consistently getting burned trying to PUG Lost Island? I would consider picking up a random DPS, but not much else. I just don't see the connection between 1. undergeared/poor players are queueing for Lost Island and 2. This affects me and so the option should be removed. As it stands, it's nice to actually get a few comms for completing it and it's nice to instantly shuttle down - it doesn't seem like there's a downside..
Just some jerk who isn't good enough for rated.